A mini-golf circuit newly installed gives a new life and a new color to a park or garden.

Over the years, the outdoor spaces, subject to years of use, natural elements or even vandalism, eventually show signs of wear and degradation.

The periodic and ongoing maintenance cares guarantee the quality and operability of equipment.

Result of lack of maintenance, a mini-golf circuit may need:
• Replacement or revive the boundary lines of the playing surface;
• Levelling of the courses;
• Replacement and / or fixing of the obstacles;
• Paintings tables and obstacles;
• Deep cleaning with appropriate products.

Using appropriate methods and products, we guarantee the reliability and excellence of the services that prolong the good condition of use of the equipment.

The experience of 50 years endorse us to provide the best after-sales service.

After the conservation work of Lusogolfe, the renovated space will no longer be grey and recover the energy of the early years!

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