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What we do

Lusogolfe is a leading company in the market. We plan and build various models of mini-golf courses that are spread in Portugal and in various corners of the world. Our services are advantageous for those who wish to have a monetized and dynamic space, always available to provide moments of socialization, leisure and competition.

We aim that you benefit of a mini-golf course suit to your needs, regardless of the characteristics of space, indoors or outdoors, we always present a solution. Whether you are looking for courses models homologated for competition or for good moments of fun, you will definitely appreciate the offer of our services.

We hope that the relationship with our customers goes beyond the planning / circuit installation, we want to establish a follow-up appointment (maintenance and training).

Why choose Lusogolfe

  • Leading company
  • 50 years of experience
  • Specialized and dedicated team
  • Follow-up at all stages
  • Multiple possibilities


We have removable minigolf circuits that we rent for short or long term events.


Periodic and continuous maintenance care guarantees the quality and operation of the equipment.


The management of the circuit promotes greater profitability, improves organizational capacity and the execution of tasks.


Our team accompanies each project according to its specific needs and expectations.

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