Smart Golf

Smart Golf lanes

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  • Captivating and emotive
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Creative obstacles

Technical specifications

  • Materials: Square and rectangular tube and laminated steel
  • Playing surface: Cement plate coated with synthetic turf
  • Protection and painting: Treatment by galvanizing to gray color without lacquering, and treatment by metallization with color lacquering.
  • Obstacles: In Laminated Steel
  • Measures: Length: 5.83m | Width: 0.59m | Circle: 0.935m

Smart Golf Projects

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Nativ Minigolf – Dominican Republic

profy-golf-en smart-golf-en
Portfolio Image

Base de loisirs de Bédanne

easy-golf-en smart-golf-en
Portfolio Image

Sport Austria

challenge-golf-en smart-golf-en
Portfolio Image

Quinta do Alfaval


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