No way. The minigolf is a leisure activity and a sport for all ages being the circuits of minigolf of Lusogolfe developed to obtain different levels and degrees of difficulty attractive and motivating for all practitioners.
There is no minimum number, the customer can have the number of courses that he wish depending on the area that have available and the budget that want to invest; however we consider that from 6 courses you can get an interesting circuit with courses of different challenges and degrees of difficulty.
For national competitions it is necessary at least one circuit of 18 courses of the model Challenge Golf or Golf Profy. For international competitions it is necessary two circuits: 18 courses Challenge Golf + 18 courses Profy Golf.
All courses developed by Lusogolfe are built with materials resistant to various weather conditions.
Not necessarily. Each course is an independent element from the others so it is only necessary to intervene in the area that each course occupies being possible to install the courses at different levels and quotas.

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