Beware of Minigolf imitations

Beware of Minigolf imitations

Main reasons

  • Little durability;
  • Not resistant to weather conditions;
  • Lack of specialized technical support;
  • Equipment not homologated for competition.

Why choose Lusogolfe

  • Design and quality of reference in the market;
  • +55 years of experience:
  • Equipment prepared for Indoor & Outdoor;
  • Present in 14 countries;
  • Follow-up at all stages;
  • Qualified Technical Support.

Our Minigolf solutions

Easy Golf Lusogolfe
Easy Golf

Model with simple lines and very fun obstacles. Easily transportable.

Smart Golf Lusogolfe
Smart Golf

Lanes with more creative designs, such as the friendly “Smile” or the passionate “Love”.

Maxi Golf Lusogolfe
Maxi Golf

It is challenging and exciting leisure equipment with a more attractive design.

Challenge Golf Lusogolfe
Challenge Golf

The most popular Minigolf lanes. Homologated for national and international competitions by WMF!

Profy Golf Lusogolfe
Profy Golf

Larger, premium equipment. Homologated for national and international competitions by WMF.

Kit “Meu Minigolfe”

This is the first Minigolf game adaptable to any space.

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