In one of the main tourist areas of the Algarve!

In one of the main tourist areas of the Algarve, is for sale an area of Adventure Minigolf with huge potential. The space was acquired in leasing in 2009 in order to then develop activities related to health, entertainment, sport and leisure. The idea included the installation of a medical clinic with several services, one Playful Center of youth activities with gym and innovative equipment for indoor physical activity and Minigolf circuit with the support of Cafeteria. Only the clinic did not materialize. For years it remained active the minigolf circuit, the cafeteria and the Playful Center. The latter continues to operate. Other attachments commercial spaces are rented.


The multipurpose space includes a wooded minigolf circuit, a shopping area, a cafeteria and a children’s and youth play area, a total area that exceeds 4,000 square meters. The space is divided as follows: 1100m2 of covered area spread over 17 separate fractions that are grouped into three blocks (as shown in the picture). All spaces have independent access and ground. The areas vary between 28m2 and 117m2. Some of the fractions are leased, the majority is free. Entries in all the shops are made directly to the outside. 3560m2 is the area of the central patio, outdoor, part of one of the fractions, where the minigolf circuit model Adventure Golf of 18 holes, involved in a leafy green area.


The Algarve, located in southern Portugal, is one of its most important tourist regions. Its climate, characterized by mild and short winters and long, hot summers, its natural landscapes, its historical and ethnographic heritage, or its delicious and healthy cuisine are attributes that attract millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year and make the Algarve one of the most developed regions of the country. On average it receives each year about 3 million tourists. In choosing and selecting a space tourists prefer a range of different services that surprised them. A minigolf circuit installed outdoors, in contact with nature, provides a different activity. It is a playground equipment, leisure and fun that makes the delights of players of all ages and nationalities, as well being a differentiating factor when choosing.


It has a privileged location 50 meters from the main avenue, near the shopping area and most of the major hotels within a 10 min walk. It is completely surrounded by road with parking spaces. The surrounding area is comprised of:

  • City Centre
  • School
  • Green Spaces
  • Pharmacy
  • Supermarket
  • Police
  • Public Transportation
  • Commercial Area


The Playful center, occupying 4 fractions (14, 15, 16, 17) has a total area of 420m2 being prepared for activities from childhood, with innovative equipment (interactive) that promotes indoor physical activity. It is used daily for entertainment and childcare on free periods, at birthday parties, in capoeira classes, zumba etc … The same space / equipment can be monetized in activities with seniors. Neither Minigolf circuit or the cafeteria are currently active.


The space has all the necessary licenses for the exercise activity

  • License to use for trade;
  • Operating License for food and beverage services, attributed to the fraction that integrates Minigolf;
  • Operating License as recreational space for set of 4 fractions where the Playful Center is.


The project which is inserted Adventure Minigolf in the Algarve is a family-run business since 2009 and has been managed so far by the spouse of the current owner, who had extensive experience in the management area, with several businesses in the hotel business. Due to the death of her husband the current owner formed in pediatrics and with little availability for business management, decided to put on sale the enterprise so that anyone could continue to work.


It can be traded for a total acquisition value of € 1.3 million, or a part of the space that includes the central patio (Adventure Minigolf) and cafeteria (corresponding to No. 1 on the picture below, which serves as entrance to the minigolf) for an amount of € 300,000. It can also be negotiated only the purchase of recreational and playground, numbers 14, 15, 16 and 17, for an amount of € 450,000, the acquisition of stores 2 and 3 by € 100,000, shops 7 and 8 by € 100,000 or shops 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 for a total of € 450,000.


  • Algarve
  • 50 meters from the main avenue
  • Area with several accesses and many parking spaces
  • Very close to the concentration of large hotels
  • Sports activities
  • Leisure activities and wellness
  • Birthday parties
  • Capoeira classes, zumba, among others
  • Possibility of adaptation for recreational and sports activities for seniors
  • Woody Minigolf Circuit
  • Shopping area
  • Coffee shop
  • Children’s and youth leisure area

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