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Who we are

Founded in 1967, Lusogolfe is dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of mini-golf solutions, both for leisure and for competition.

Committed to finding the best solution, the company counts on the support of a specialized team that bets on innovation through the constant search for new techniques and materials. It has already been preferred for installations in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Brazil, China and Japan.

Lusogolfe currently exports about 70% of its production, with customers in 14 countries and four continents. In the national market, in addition to the various mini-golf circuits, it operates with other clients, such as hotels or municipal councils, who also look for equipment to organize competitions, and make them available to the public.

In addition to the design, manufacture, sale and installation of mini-golf equipment, Lusogolfe also engages in maintenance, rental, consulting and training services. It also markets all kinds of accessories for mini-golf, such as golf clubs, balls and other game material.

A social swing!

Contribute to the well-being of society through the practice of minigolf is our corporate purpose. We manufacture and install, but we want to go further.

We developed a social intervention project that facilitates socialization, mobility and life quality.


Develop, produce and market mini-golf solutions that generate value for our customers.


Establishing high standards of quality and excellence, Lusogolfe intends to establish itself in the world as a reference for mini-golf.


1. Proximity to customer 2. Quality and excellence 3. Add value 4. Innovation 5. Respect 6. Responsibility 7. Sustainability

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