Minigolf is our passion and we want it to be yours. Why? Because it’s fun, intuitive and social. We are a team with differentiated solutions … we design, manufacture, market and install … “A leisure swing” is our motto.


Our products are pieces of good humor that can contribute to the success of any entertainment space. We develop and offer to our customers all kinds of solutions to practice Minigolf. We have golf courses, clubs, balls and good mood.


Big or small spaces are our challenge. Besides we draw golf courses to your needs, we rent, set up and do the maintenance of all the equipment to practice minigolf. Our know-how enables us to develop ideas and special solutions for you.


Contribute to the well-being of society through the practice of minigolf is our corporate purpose. We manufacture and install, but we want to go further. We developed a social intervention project that facilitates socialization, mobility and life quality.


Praça dos Pelames – Azores

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Göbel´s Hotel Rodenberg


Institutions of Social Support


Alicante – Private


Why a minigolf circuit?

A sporting activity, leisure and competition, which allows moments of relaxation and fun, well-being and social contact. A miniature golf circuit is differentiating and very versatile. Its installation promotes the area where it operates and rehabilitates small or big spaces. For its proactive and very attractive feature is also a cost effective solution.

Ideal for children, youth, adults and seniors. It is an intuitive game that does not require particular physical prowess. Play mini-golf is always a good time that delights the young and old. Generates unique moments of socialization among the various practitioners, in family and /or with friends. It is a very stimulating activity, motivating, promotes health, well-being and even happiness.

The mini golf is a sport with many practitioners. We have circuits homologated by the Portuguese and the World Federation of Minigolf that meet the necessary requirements for conducting competitions. A homologated circuit is always an asset that allows the two valences, competition and leisure.

The implementation of a minigolf circuit is always an investment in the promotion of the site in which it is inserted. A commitment to upgrading the space. Our team has the necessary valences to offer you a solution to your needs, suitable to the space available by you.

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